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Drug Rehab and Alternative Sentencing Lawyer

Los Angeles Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Alternative sentencing is an option for those facing drug crime charges when there seems little hope of avoiding a conviction. This type of sentencing is generally aimed towards rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration. It does not apply to those convicted of possession with intent to selll or drug distribution crimes. In California, alternative sentencing falls under Proposition 36, a law passed in 2000 which allows individuals charged with nonviolent drug possession to receive treatment rather than imprisonment. Alternative sentencing involves probation, government mandated drug rehabilitation, community service and similar actions.

Los Angeles Drug Crime Alternative Sentencing Attorney

If you or someone you know is facing a drug possession charge as a first or second offense and is interested in drug rehabilitation/alternative sentencing, we recommend that you contact our firm. We have extensive experience in dealing with drug crime convictions and will be able to help you to achieve your alternative sentencing goals in court. We have more than 50 years of combined legal courtroom experience and are very familiar with the local court systems. We will make every effort to help you attain a positive case result, including an alternative sentence.

Proposition 36 in California

Proposition 36 is also known as the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act. It permanently changed state law to allow first and second-time drug possession offenders the opportunity to get substance abuse treatment in lieu of jail time. Under Proposition 36, the eligible offender is placed on probation, for which part of his sentence is to successfully complete a drug rehabilitation program. If he or she does this, the case is then dismissed. If he or she doesn't do so or otherwise violates probation, then the court may sentence the offender with penalties that include jail time or a state prison term.

Other forms of alternative sentencing in California include drug diversion programs, house arrest, "weekend jail," electronic monitoring, community service, and other programs.

Let a Los Angeles Alternative Sentencing Lawyer Help You

Having the right criminal lawyer is an important key to attaining a successful case outcome. Let our law firm provide the legal assistance you need to obtain an alternative sentence or drug rehabilitation program for your drug possession charge.

Are you interested in an alternative sentencing/drug rehabilitation program for your drug possession charge? Contact our firm to discuss your options today.

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