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Los Angeles Methamphetamine Crime Lawyer

Methamphetamine Possession Lawyer in Los Angeles

Methamphetamine abuse has become an especially serious problem throughout the United States, but particularly in California. Los Angeles prosecutors and law enforcement officials are cracking down on methamphetamine use, production, distribution, sale, and any other methamphetamine activity. Methamphetamine, also known as "meth," "crystal meth," or "speed" is a central nervous stimulant which has a very high potential for abuse and addiction. Methamphetamine addiction is an ever-growing problem in this country, with stories of meth addiction appearing on the news, in movies, and even television shows. If you are facing methamphetamine criminal charges, you need an expert lawyer from Eisner Gorin LLP to represent you. Whether you are currently under investigation or have already been charged, our lawyers can do something to help your case. Our lawyers will advise you to not speak with authorities as speaking with the police only helps their case and hurts your chances at a successful resolution of your matter.

Methamphetamine Drug Crime Charges

Whether you have been charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession with intent to sell, transportation, manufacture, distribution, or any other type of methamphetamine-related charge, our experienced and aggressive attorneys can fight for you in court. We will assess the evidence against you, will listen to what you have to say and then will develop an effective defense strategy. The police officers involved in your arrest may have broken the law and thereby violated your Constitutional rights and our lawyers can argue against the admission of the government's evidence against you in court. The police officers in your case may also have mishandled drug samples found in your possession and our lawyers can argue against the drug tests results' accuracy and validity. These are just a few of the tactics that our expert methamphetamine attorneys use.

Contact a Los Angeles Methamphetamine Crime Lawyer

Our lawyers go the extra mile when it comes to protecting your rights and your freedom. Our dedication to our clients is the reason for our firm's success. We are a top-ranked defense law firm and have the experience and relationships that are necessary for helping our clients avoid severe legal penalties such as steep fines and incarceration. Call our office today to discuss the specific details of your drug crime criminal case.

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