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Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Attorney

Defense for State or Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal production and distribution of controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, PCP, MDMA (ecstasy), methamphetamine, and others. There are many phases to the illegal drug business, with money exchanges involved in all of them. Drug trafficking has far-reaching effects into the society, including gang involvement. In the past, drugs such as marijuana and cocaine were among the heaviest used but now there is a growing market for "designer" drugs such as MDMA and amphetamines.

Federal Drug Crime Charges

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug offenses and is a federal felony. This drug crime is often investigated by federal agencies such as the FBI and prosecuted by federal prosecutors with the full backing of the U.S. government. If you are under investigation or have been charged with drug trafficking in Los Angeles, you need serious legal representation. It is crucial that you consult with a drug defense lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. Let an experienced and skilled defense lawyer review your situation and take legal action to protect your rights and interests. Our attorneys have been assisting clients in criminal cases for decades. We have proven results in the field of criminal law and have been recognized as a Preeminent Law Firm, placing us in the top 5% of all U.S. law firms.

Drug Trafficking

The Drug Enforcement Administration is the federal agency in charge of controlling illegal drugs in the U.S. Federal first offense drug trafficking penalties for cocaine, heroin, LSD, PCP, and methamphetamine under the DEA include not less than 10 years with fines for an individual of not more than $4 million. If death or serious injury is involved, the penalty is not less than 20 years. Second offenses include not less than 20 years imprisonment with fines of not more than $8 million.

Let a Los Angeles Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney Help

Because of the serious nature of a drug trafficking charge, we urge you to contact a drug crime defense attorneyat our firm immediately. The sooner your case is reviewed and action is taken, the better your chances are for an optimum case result.

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